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S.No Part No Product Name Description Brand
1 Control Vlave with Positioner Control Actuator Valve with Positioner. Size: 1 ½” Input 4-20mA, Class SS316 New LOT Motoyama
2 11-CUJB8-6D Free Mount compact Cylinder Max. Pressure:0 - 0.7MPa SMC
3 13 test test SMC
4 13-MXS6-30 MXJ Guided Cylinder Bore:6mm Max. Pressure:0.15-0.7MPa SMC
5 200 test (Q&W)
6 CDQ2B16-5DC Compact Cylinder Bore:16mm Max. Pressure:0 - 1 Mpa SMC
7 CDQSB12-15DC Double Acting single Rod, Actuator Bore:12mm Max. Pressure:0.05-1MPa SMC
8 CDUJB6-6DM-F8BLS Mini Free Mount Cylinder, Actuator Bore:6mm Max. Pressure:0.15-0.7 SMC
9 CQ2D12-10S Double Acting single Rod, Actuator Bore:12mm Max. Pressure:0 - 1MPa SMC
10 CRB1BW15-90s Rotary Air Cylinder Bore: Max. Pressure:0 - 0.7MPa SMC
13 MXQ6-20 Air Slide Table, Double Acting Guided cylinder Bore:6mm Max. Pressure:0.15-0.7MPa SMC
14 MXS8-30AS Air Slide Table, Double Acting cylinder Bore:8mm Max. Pressure:0.15-0.7MPa SMC
15 TKY-H-4.5x3 Single Acting Extended type Bore:4.5mm Max. Pressure:0.2-0.6 SMC