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S.No Part No Product Name Description Brand
1 Pneumatic Supply Connector SMC
2 378-3464 Union Type Large Capacity vaccume filter PISCO
3 50E Pressure Regulator PISCO
4 800E-2X01 Push Botton Auxiliaries Allen Bradley
5 B 7505 Compound Guage, Range: -76 - 15 cm Hg Tokyo Keiki
6 CJB10-5-B Air Fitting SMC
7 MXS-A1227 Adjustment Bolt SMC
8 MXS-AS12 Stroke Adjuster SMC
9 VHS20-01 3 Port Lockout Valve SMC
10 VHS3000-03 Pressure Release Regulator, Pressure Range: 0.1-1MPa SMC
11 VV5J3-20-02 Station Manifold Base SMC
12 VV5J3-20-05 Station Manifold Base SMC
13 VZM550 Manual toggle Pneumatic Valve SMC
14 WL33-17 Photo Electric Sensor Sick
15 ZM133H-J5LZB Vaccum Ejector SMC
16 ZQ1103M-J25L-D31CL Vaccum Ejector SMC