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pH control Solutions for Textile and Chemical Industries

Customized pH control systems for all wastewater and pH neutralization applications found in industry. Common applications and features include:

  • Continuous Flow Through pH Neutralization: One, Two, and Three Stage Systems
  • Batch pH Adjustment: Simplex, Duplex, and Triplex Batch
  • Sequential Batch pH Adjust
  • Fluoride Reduction Systems
  • Heavy Metal Reduction
  • Effluent Monitoring Systems
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Collection / Transfer Systems

pH Control Curve

Typical pH Control Curves used with all of our pH adjustment systems. For each pH control stage within a system the tuning parameters for the acid and metering pumps (and bulk assist pumps if used) are independently controlled with non-linear tuning algorithm that can be programmed to any curve, such as a titration curve.

pH response is not linear and cannot be controlled as such. Most pH "controllers" on the market are not truly pH controllers because they use simple on / off control or linear control provided by a PID algorithm which is far too simple to account for the ever changing control gain encountered with the logarithmic reaction of pH to control input. A true pH controller MUST have the ability to control to a logarithmic and non-linear response such as the typical pH titration curve shown here.


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