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Web Tension

Web Tension control Solutions for Textile Industries

Customised Superior tension control. That's what you'd like to expect and that's the difference between our dancer tension control solutions and typical load cell and conventional dancer systems on the market.

Ability to Respond

When a roll is not round it lopes when it turns, and, as it comes around on the high side, it feeds too much material out and then it doesn't feed enough. This snaps the web back and forth. A load cell can't do anything about this. But a dancer can smooth things out with its ability to store and give up web, responding quickly to rapidly changing tensions caused by out-of-round rolls and flying splices. And under rapid running conditions, a load cell has a high probability of breaking the web. Nobody else's tension control system, in fact, can compare with Dynaweb's capability to maintain web tensions at high running speeds.

Simple Operator Controls

Web Tension Control systems are simple to operate and incorporate full PID control so that stability can be handled entirely within the electronics. No external hydraulic or pneumatic damping is required.

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