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Industrial Automation

Our experienced engineers, designers, programmers and fabricators work together to execute all project specifications and requirements as per client needs..

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a nomenclature used for smart manufacturing processes where automation plays a key role.The innate nature of production is to produce more using less. Industry 4.0, a highly flexible mass production system is a combination of cloud computing, Internet of things, cyber-physical systems, cognitive computing, and data.

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Switch Gear & Panel

We are fully equipped and capable of designing Industrial Panels as per design and specifications being followed in Pakistan as per IEC Standards. We have in-house set up of fabrication..

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Our Integrated SCADA and Utility Management Solution package is a very cost-effective solution to monitor and control your application. Our Intelligent and advanced system provides..

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Software Development

We Develop web based customized software as per client needs Such as Machine Monitoring Systems, OEE Data Logging for ERP (SAP/ Oracle), Warehouse Management & Automation Systems and Utility Monitoring Software.

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Dosing Systems

We Provide customised Dosing Systems for Chemical and Dyes Industries. Our chemical/Dyes dosing systems are designed to be as durable and handle as many different kinds of chemicals and dyes as possible.

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Mechanical Fabrication

We have in house facility to deliver mechanical fabrication work end to end. We implement engineering to raw material and send to cutting and burning process then we enter in Forming and apply process matching, welding and final ..

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Instrumentation & Calibration

We Provide calibration of measurement instrumentation to makes you sure of the highest degree of measurement accuracy, reducing measurement uncertainties to avoid errors and mis-measurements

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Machine Sourcing

We Provide New, Refurbished and second hand Textile Machines For Weaving, Processing, Denim, Knits and Polyester Plants with contribution of APAMAK Turkey. We Import Textile machines from U.S, Europ, China & Taiwan.

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Humidity Control

Correct humidity levels maintain materials at their standard weights and give greater reliability when cutting and producing garments. Reduction in static electricity plus added moisture yarns give additional strength and reduce

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Sanitizing Tunnel

Our experienced engineers, designers, programmers and fabricators work together to execute all project specifications and requirements.

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We Provide Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing services utilize computer technology to aid in the design, analysis, and manufacturing of products.

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