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S.No Part No Product Name Description Brand
1 D-97 Reed Auto Switch Auto Mounting Style "Input Voltage:24V Pressure Limits:" SMC
2 DNS D606M Pressure Switch "Input Voltage:N/A Pressure Limits:1.5 -3.3 Mpa" Saginomiya
3 FVUSO11-NA Led Digital Pressure Sensor "Input Voltage:24V Pressure Limits:0.1-100 Kpa" PISCO
4 IS1000M-30-X202 Reed Type Pressure Switch "Input Voltage:24V Pressure Limits:0.1-0.6 MPa" SMC
5 ONS C106 Pressure Switch Input Voltage:N/A Pressure Limits:0-3.5MPa Saginomiya
6 SNS C106Q3 Pressure Switch "Input Voltage:N/A Pressure Limits:0.06-0.6MPa" Saginomiya