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Weft Straightener Solutions for Textile Industries

The textile industry is one of those sectors where the internationalisation of production and globalisation of the markets has far advanced. They shape the competitive conditions of the companies.

Detection and correction of web distortion

From highly specialised straightening systems to the simple weft straightener, commonly also referred to as straightener – the broad and modular offering of weft straighteners of the Orthopac, Orthomax and Orthofact brands hardly leaves anything to be desired for textiles and carpets.

Web distortion can be corrected or controlled to a certain value (often required for denim). The weft straighteners can also be combined with systems for process control.

Sample detection, sample straightening, report measurement

The pattern detection system Patcontrol is utilised for the correction of web distortion of printed products or webs where the weft thread cannot be detected. This system is often used with carpeting, mostly in connection with an Orthopac weft straightener.

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